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5 Benefits to Singing

We all love to sing - whether it’s in the shower or in the car, it’s an indescribable feeling when you sing a lyric or melody that means a lot to you. Singing is an expression of the soul, and it boasts a lot of benefits that you might not know about. If you enjoy singing but are unsure about signing up for lessons, here are five reasons why you should consider trying it out.

Immune System Boost

Singing and listening to music affects you in different ways. While listening to music can calm you down or excite you, singing is actually a physical activity that has been known to boost your immune system. Scholarly research indicates that proteins (antibodies) in a singer’s immune system are much higher than in someone who simply listened to music.

Good Exercise

When you think about the word “exercise,” the first thing that comes to your mind may be strength training, running, or swimming. However, did you know that singing is an incredible exercise and does so much good for your lungs and heart? Singing is also a very healthy exercise for seniors who are unable to engage in physical workouts, as well as for people with physical disabilities. If you’re looking for an exercise that improves circulation and supports your diaphragm, consider singing.

Corrects Postural Problems

The older you get, the harder it becomes to establish perfect posture -it’s easy to fall into the trap of slouching. Thankfully, singing is dependent on proper posture, and the only way you’ll be able to explore your vocal range is to stand tall, with your shoulders back and your chest out. With practice, you will be able to hit notes you never dreamed of hitting, and you’ll make a habit about standing with good posture.

Stress Relief

When stressful times arise, it’s important to have an outlet where you can let off some steam. Singing is a great way to reduce the stress you feel because you’re releasing muscle tension, and you’re reducing the amount of cortisol (stress hormone) in your blood. While we don’t wish stress upon anyone, singing during stressful times can access your brain’s creative parts and allow you to express your emotions fully.

Improve Confidence

For those with social anxiety, singing can be the guiding light you need to overcome your worries. It’s not easy to speak in front of a large crowd, let alone sing. However, once you’re able to get comfortable performing in front of friends and family, your self-confidence will grow, and you’ll be ready to overcome any obstacle.

There are more than five benefits that come with learning how to sing! For more information on singing lessons, please feel free to contact Carillon Music Academy today!

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