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Why Group Music Lessons Are Great for Kids

It’s important to get your child involved in extra-curricular activities when they’re young and impressionable. The only way your child will be able to formulate hobbies & interests is if they’re exposed to all the wonders of life. Whether it be through organized sports or creative arts like drawing or music, it’s important to spark their imagination and help them find their passion. If your child has expressed interest in music, getting them enrolled in music lessons or classes could be a great steppingstone for them. Here are a few reasons to consider signing your children up for group music lessons.

Specialized Skill Training

Music is an exhilarating activity to undertake, especially as a child. Unfortunately, many children become easily distracted and bored when it comes to learning music theory and music reading. Group classes are engaging and can be turned into fun learning sessions, which will sharpen a music student’s learning habits and hopefully start them down the path of success. Another skill that is best taught in a group setting is ear training.


A major component in growing up is socializing amongst peers, whether it be in a classroom setting or out on the playground. Group music classes have been known to reduce intense feelings of social angst and shyness, as private lessons have been known to cause intimidation for children. Being around other children at similar skill levels can make your child learn in a more comfortable environment, and it’s also an excellent opportunity to build confidence and create new friendships.

Introduction to Different Playing Techniques

It’s no secret that each one of our learning students is unique. In terms of music, being unique is important, it helps you find a musical style that fits your personality. Some of the world’s

most renowned music artists have a signature style that can be identified by hearing them play a few notes on their piano or guitar; it’s important to celebrate diverse music tastes & styles. When your child is in group lessons, not only will they take helpful tips and advice from highly trained music teachers, but they also will learn from their fellow peers and get introduced to unusual ideas and musical concepts.


After all, music is all about creating and having fun. Through class lessons, your child will learn about the magic of music and have the time of his or her life while doing so! Most group classes will require parental participation, so even the parents will be able to enjoy watching their child navigate their instruments and explore their creative ingenuity.

Consider signing your child up for group music classes! For more information, contact Carillon Music Academy.

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