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Daily Exercises for Singers to Practice

Whether you’re just learning how to sing, or you’ve been singing for years, practice and determination will put you down the right path. Vocalists, not unlike athletes, need to learn how to channel their energy to ensure they perform to the height of their capabilities. One-way vocalists channel their energy is engaging in vocal exercises, particularly before a recital or rehearsal. These warmups are incredibly quick and should only take you ten minutes to complete. If you’re looking to excel in vocal training, here are some daily exercises for you to practice.

Buzzing Lips

Start with this one - buzzing lips activate and wake up your mouth, your tongue and your vocal cords. To perform this exercise, put your lips together and make them vibrate. Doing this regularly will assist your breathing and endurance while singing. After you’ve done this for a minute, add some pitches and try to hold it for a maximum of 5 seconds. You should feel a tingling response in your nose and around your face.

The Straw Method

The Straw Method is a breathing exercise that helps you realize how important breathing is in achieving the tone you want. Keeping your face still, breathe through the straw and experiment with unique rhythms and tones. If you’re trying to learn a song, hum the song through the straw and focus on which parts of the song require the most breath.

Sing Your Vowels

Experienced and amateur vocalists alike will sing through their vowels because they test your range. This is a great way to check your energy levels; if a vocalist’s energy is drained, their tone may suffer, and it may be incredibly difficult to reach their desired pitch. By singing through each vowel before you get into practicing a song, you will be able to conscientiously hone in on your vocal tone, which will provide you with a better range to practice with.


Sirens are a very popular vocal exercise that is designed to help you explore the breadth of your vocal capabilities. Making an “oh” and “ah” noise, slide them up and down the octave scale. If you plan on practicing these at home, tell your parents and siblings that you may get a little loud as it’s the whole purpose of this exercise. Mimicking the sounds of a traditional siren, expand your tone from the lowest register to the highest register. This is a perfect exercise for vocalists that seem to have difficulty transitioning from a chest-to-head voice.

Vocal lessons led by an experienced vocalist that can help you achieve your goals! Carillon Music Academy is proud to offer comprehensive vocal training to residents in Surrey and Burnaby, BC! For more vocalist tips and tricks, contact Carillon Music academy today!

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