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Carillon Music Festival

The Carillon Festivals were launched in 1994 to provide the young artists of our community with the opportunity to pursue their craft at a broader level. The festivals provide participants with an extraordinary venue for performing, learning, and sharing their musical experience with an unrivalled panel of adjudicators.


Each year, we offer two Festivals opportunities. Our Contemporary Piano Festival is scheduled between February to March. This Festival includes Jazz, Popular and Ragtime piano solo styles; small mix ensemble; and improvisation specialty class. Our Carillon Music Festival, scheduled between April to May, includes solo piano in Classical style, piano ensemble, guitar, strings, voice and voice ensemble. Specialty classes of composition and quick study are also held during the second Festival. 
Our Festivals are made possible through the time and effort of many teachers, students, and donors who understand the importance of quality music instruction. We thank all of you who are supporting this special opportunity for hundreds of Lower Mainland music students. Good luck to everyone!


Brian Taylor

Education Manager

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