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GROUP CLASSES for piano, voice, theory, young children and adults...

AGE 4 - 10

Students are taught to play the piano as part of a program that includes singing, rhythm ensembles, learning games, and classroom activities. Rhythm development, ear training, note-reading, music theory and piano performance are incorporated into the lessons. With the exception of Blue Music, parent participation is required in the weekly one hour class.


CHILDREN'S MUSIC CLASSES - one hour weekly group classes.

          *Red Music - ages 4 to 5 year old beginner level

          *Orange Music - ages 5 to 6 (previous experience required)

          *Yellow Music - ages 6 to 7 year old beginner level

          *Green Music - ages 6 to 8 (previous experience required)

           Blue Music - ages 8 to 10 year old beginner level


*Parental involvement and attendance required.


To complete the Royal Conservatory of Music examinations, we also offer selected theoretical group classes.  The classes offered vary from

year to year


The Piano Performance Program is for students who have completed the Green or Blue Music Courses, or who have had previous music instruction that meets the requirements of these levels. There are two levels in this program, each taking a year to complete. Piano Performance one is equivalent to the RCM grade 1, which uses Carillon textbooks that are designed to prepare students to transition from method books to a graded sytem. By Piano Performance 2, the RCM grade 2 series and the contemporary popular book are incorporated into the classes. Students are introduced to the graded system while at the same time exploring other genres of music.


The Piano Styles Program is group classes for levels 3 to 8. It is a unique blend of group and private instruction. Students benefit from having a bi-weekly group class, alternating with a bi-weekly private lesson. This course offers a well-rounded musical education and the tools to enjoy a diverse range of musical styles, which include Classical, Pop, Blues and Jazz Repertoire, along with Thoery, Improvisation, Composition and Arranging Techniques. 


*Piano Styles 3 to 8 correspond to Royal Conservatory of Music Grades 3 to 8, with the Royal Conservatory of Music Exams being optional.

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