Our Story...

Carillon Music opened in September, 1970 by Roy Hepworth and a partner, Wolfgang Breitsprecher.  In addition to Piano and Home Organ Sales, music lessons were started.  Within one year Mr. Breitsprecher decided he did not enjoy “clerking” and asked to be removed from the company. Roy and his wife, Frieda bought Wolfgang out and continued with the company.


Piano teaching started off enthusiastically in 1970.  In the Fall of 1971 Carillon started special ear training piano lessons for 4 to 7 year old children, a first in the area.  The first year started with 49 students and jumped to 115 students in the second year with students coming from Bellingham and Abbotsford in order to take advantage of this program.  It reached a high of 450 students in a few short years. Carillon Music Academy is still a dominant force in children's music programs and has expanded group classes and private lessons to piano, voice, strings and guitar. The school has also added an “E-Z Play” Adult program for parents of children involved in music lessons and other adults desiring a unique way of learning to play piano. Carillon Academy’s dedication to fine music education is well known and well respected.


On the sales floor, Carillon Music has concentrated on Used Acoustic Pianos and New Kawai Digital Pianos in recent years. Our selection of Used Acoustic Pianos, including everything from Spinet types to Grand Pianos offers a broad selection of brands and models with substantial savings over making a new purchase. Most pianos are offered with delivery, a warranty and tuning, making them an excellent customer value. Digital Pianos have improved to the point where they now are a substantial part of marketing. Many homes find the headphones a big advantage for practicing piano students, particularly if they live in an apartment, townhouse, or duplex. Our line of Kawai Digital Pianos offer our customers a proven record of excellent sound, feel, and versatility.        


Although the used church organs market is a declining area of sales in North America, Carillon has maintained leadership in this market by having a good selection of instruments for customers to examine. Carillon Music’s new classical organ supplier is Viscount, an Italian manufacturer that is a major supplier of European, Asian and North American instruments.  They are a very progressive company that is great to work with. They are also one of the most active organ companies in research and development of better reproduction of pipe organ and piano sound.


Carillon's reputation and service to customers is, in many ways, without parallel. Service to the churches, homes and community is outstanding and the goal is to constantly to improve. Be sure and visit Carillon Music, we would love to meet and discuss your musical needs.


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